Do You Provide All The Outfits And Props?

Yes, of course, I do.
I supply a large variety of props, outfits, bonnets, headbands and wraps.
Every colours, shade and texture.
In my client forms, you are given a chance to inform me what outfits or colour preferences you most desire.

Do I Need To Bring Anything To The Session?

Other then a dummy, bottle (If bottle-fed), wipes, nappies and a change of clothes. Nothing else is needed.
Mummy and Daddy sit back on a comfortable couch, watching and relaxing.

Do You Give All Images Taken In The Session On The Usb?

This is a very important question.
The package you select states the number of images you will receive.
You do not receive all images taken in the session.

Would You Provide All Raw (unedited) Images On The Usb?

No, I do not give out any of my RAW images.

How Long Does It Take For The Gallery To Be Finished?

After the session is completed within a week they will be presented on a private website with a password only you and i will know.
They will be completely unedited. Once you select your images it takes between 2-3 weeks. If any additional products are purchased please allow 1-2 extra weeks.

Can I Pick Up Instead Of Postage?

I do not have pick up as a option.
As soon as i am finished with the gallery, it will be posted to you.
It takes between 2-3 days. If you are not home to accept and sign for the package the delivery time will take longer.

I Didnt Have Time To Book In Advance, Is It Too Late?

Of course not, i try to always please my clients but fitting them in.
You can always email me and i will guarantee to try my best to give you a date and time.

What If The Baby Doesn’t Sleep Or Cooperate During The Session?

In a extremely rare situation the session will be postponed. In my almost 5 years of working with beautiful newborns and babies i have postponed enough to count on both hands. Instructions are always given to the mother before hand which i find tend to really help during the session.

How to make a booking?

Best way to get in contact with me to receive my full PDF is to fill out the contact form which you’ll have access to if you click ‘bookings’ below.

We have multiple packages to suit every family. Select a package that bests suits what you most desire for your family and your budget. A date will be agreed upon. A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your booking. A deposit confirmation must be emailed to me. We will email you a client form which has all my terms and conditions. Along with a detail questionnaire will then be sent via email. In regards to newborn bookings, they must be booked as soon as you are in your second trimester to avoid disappointment. Limited bookings each month are available.

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