Maternity sessions

The joy of expecting a new baby. It is the best feeling ever. The miracle of life. Why not capture it? It is the only time in a woman’s life where it is okay to feel bigger. We carry the biggest duty, carrying the next generations. This all has to be captured. Each mother looking so different and beautiful, each pregnancy is different and amazing. We absolutely adore every pregnant mama and want to capture them while they are glowing with their growing unborn child.

Capturing these moments will last forever and you will have something to cherish while watching your child grow. Maternity sessions are shot either in our studio lighting home studio or on a selected location. Each session is styled and posed just for you with our range of gowns. Maternity sessions can be shot between 30-36 weeks. Depending on how you are feeling of course.

Newborn Sessions

Being new parents is super exciting. Which is why you have to book your baby in for newborn shots. Our babies grow so quickly and my sessions put a pause in time. Booking my newborn session means that these first amazing moments of your child’s life will be perfectly captured . Newborn sessions are shot in my studio-lighting home studio which is extremely comfortable and warm. We provide a large range of props and outfits in colours that you love.

Best time to capture newborns is between 3-14days old. This time frame helps us pose the baby while very sleep in the most adore ways. I can capture older newborns as well, but generally the best time is as described as above.

Milestone Sessions

Milestones of each baby in this world should be cherished.

As your child gets older they go through such cute stages, they are smiling for the first time, they are sitting for the first time, baby is now crawling and before you know it they are walking and running everywhere. All of these stages in your Childs life should be captured. Generally milestone sessions are 3-6months old and 10-12months old. It can be done in between but those times are the most popular. With our large range of outfits and props we aim to capture them in the most perfect way. In their natural element.

Family Sessions

You can never ever have enough family photos.

Nowadays the time is going by so quickly with our full-on life styles. As a mother of two boys I know how quick they grow and how my husband and I change over the years. I get photographs of my family at least 2 or 3 times every year. These memories are and will be cherished forever in my household. I wish this for every other family. Family sessions are shot outdoor at a location of your choice. I capture posed family shots as well as very natural intimate family moments. No other way to freeze time of your loving family forever.

How to make a booking?

Best way to get in contact with me to receive my full PDF is to fill out the contact form which you’ll have access to if you click ‘bookings’ below.

We have multiple packages to suit every family. Select a package that bests suits what you most desire for your family and your budget. A date will be agreed upon. A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your booking. A deposit confirmation must be emailed to me. We will email you a client form which has all my terms and conditions. Along with a detail questionnaire will then be sent via email. In regards to newborn bookings, they must be booked as soon as you are in your second trimester to avoid disappointment. Limited bookings each month are available.

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